Experience the Greek village life

One of the few things children look forward to during their summer vacation is attending a summer camp. Our unique immersion summer camp “Our Greek Village” is a place where children meet together, to experience the Greek village life, and learn the process of give and take.

Let your child experience the Greek Culture and Language in a fun, creative and engaging week-camp environment at Saint Nicholas Ranch (“The Ranch”, as the locals call it, is an ideal place where rolling hills, ancient oaks, a small lake, an apple orchard and an olive grove provide gorgeous natural surroundings).

At “Our Greek Village” summer camp, through language immersion for the beginning and intermediate/advance Greek student, we’ll venture into theatre games, enjoy music, learn basic Greek dance steps, have fun with simple cooking, and explore geography and Greek mythology. Kids will enjoy a relaxed, yet energetic approach to learning the Greek language with emphasis on cultural and conversational activities rather than traditional classroom work. With diverse and age-appropriate activities, students will learn and practice speaking Greek, gain a greater appreciation of Greek heritage and culture under the direction of our experienced teachers and assistants.

Some of the activites include

The “Greek Village” camp works on a daily schedule to give each camper equal opportunity to experience our huge variety of activities. Each day will consist of morning, afternoon and evening rotation activities with the whole camp or by cabin. We end each day with a campfire program, where campers and staff enjoy an evening full of fun and everlasting memories. No day at our camp is typical or the same, however each camper will have the opportunity to try many different activities.

Arts and crafts: Just arrive with a desire to learn bring your creativity, too (everyone has some!) – and leave with a fabulous necklace, bracelet, or key chain mosaic panels, decorate your personal pot and plant your favored flower/herb, make a “kompoloi”, items sure to impress all your friends back home!

Animal farm: Visit the farm and see all the animals cared by the nuns at the monastery; see how to milk a goat or a cow and gather fresh eggs.

Archery: Way of the bow. Develop the basic foundations in the art of the bow and arrow. Learn skills of invisibility with safe foam arrows and fake targets at the barn.

Basketball: Take some time to hoop it up on the basketball court! Each session will begin with a review of basic skills like dribbling, passing and shooting. There will also be fun shooting games like H-O-R-S-E If it really gets going; maybe some full court action will happen, too!

Campfires: Gather round the campfire and share jokes, ghost stories, music, dance and discover the hidden surprises of the glorious night sky… Explore the moon and its terrain, identify planets, visit distant galaxies and wish upon the shooting stars and more!

Canoeing in the Lake: During our “Afternoon at the Lake” all campers have the opportunity to cool off by canoeing around our lake at the Ranch.

Cooking and baking: A fun class that will teach each camper how to make delicious food and desserts with the “Mediterranean” diet on mind. On the menu: Greek salad, dolmades, melomakarona and many more delights!!

Hiking Trips: Take a half-day hike along the Giant redwood trees in the Sequoia National Park, have lunch , walk through a giant log and follow the trail to reach a beautiful panoramic view of the wilderness.

Monastic Life: Visit the monastery and its grounds, attend the liturgy, and experience the monastic life. A life time experience for all!!

Movies: Get comfortable relax and enjoy educational Greek movies. Fresh popcorn is a must!

Olympic Games: Here is the opportunity to perform some of the original Olympic sporting events such as a sprint, the shot put and long jump!

Short Film: All campers will appear in the short video that is taken and created every year at Greek Village. For those who wish to be more involved, they can elect to spend some of their free time playing a more active role or acting in the yearly Greek Village Video.

Song Circle: Here’s the opportunity to sing! Make music with your voice without printed music playing with sound, harmonies, and melodies, letting the music flow. You don’t need to think you’re a singer to sing: if you can talk, you can sing.

Swimming: Take a dip in the pool and enjoy a fun cool mid day with your friends under the direct supervision of our California register lifeguard.

Talent/No Talent Show: How do you get to the ‘Camp’ Camp Theatre Practice, practice, practice! Polish up your best performance pieces (be they musical, dramatic or other amazing talent/no talent) and thrill your fellow campers with your fabulousness in this popular, camp event.

Ta Mila: A Greek version of dodge ball, this has become one of the most popular games to play during the week

Volleyball: Brush up or learn new skills in a Volleyball Clinic, then put ’em to use during one of the popular pick-up games before dinner. “Spike it”

Yarn Time: The Camp knitting craze continues! Learn to knit or add to your skills. Structured like a knitting club, each camper will walk away with a completed project. Warning: knitting can be highly addictive.

Water-balloon Relay: Summer camp activities always include water games. Here is a water game which the summer camp participants would enjoy.