One of the best summer camp experiences my children and I have ever participated in.

This Greek camp incorporates both the Hellenic village (Horio) life with modern day traditional heritage by providing a weekly curriculum of language, song & dance, traditional culinary lessons of Greek food, mythological folklore amongst many other lessons. After a fun packed educational day at the Horio the children would unwind by either a swim the their Olympic size pool or out under the stars singing along to a bonfire camp song. There was so much to do and everything was very well thought out, I look forward to another year at the Elliniko Horgio with all our new friends.

Euxomai na sas dw Sto Elliniko horgio!

Julie K. Spathos

Throughout the years, my work as a counselor at Our Greek Village has been incredibly enjoyable. I adore seeing new friendships among the girls my cabin; I value the new relationships I have made with the campers and the staff. Due to the immersion aspect of the camp, I had the ability to share my knowledge in Greek culture and language with my campers, which I found incredibly rewarding. I extended my mythology passion to bedtime stories for the campers. Finally, I also appreciate the sense of community “Our Greek Village” fosters and every year I look forward to participating in the camp.

Kelly Lymberopoulos