Our Mission

To Preserve and perpetuate the Greek culture and traditions.

To inspire curiosity and understanding of the Greek Heritage.

To act as a bridge between the past and the future.

To provide a safe environment where the Greek Village Campers can spend a week with positive role models while developing their social skills, make new friends and create fun memories.

We will achieve these goals by exposing the young minds to a different geographic region of Greece every year and by teaching them the local history, dances, music, arts, myths, geography, cooking and much more.

One of the best summer camp experiences my children and I have ever participated in. This Greek camp incorporates both the Hellenic village (Horio) life with modern day traditional heritage by providing a weekly curriculum of language, song & dance, traditional culinary lessons of Greek food, mythological folklore amongst many other lessons. After a fun packed educational day at the Horio the children would unwind by either a swim the their Olympic size pool or out under the stars singing along to a bonfire camp song. There was so much to do and everything was very well thought out.
Julie K. Spathos
Throughout the years, my work as a counselor at Our Greek Village has been incredibly enjoyable. I adore seeing new friendships among the girls my cabin; I value the new relationships I have made with the campers and the staff. Due to the immersion aspect of the camp, I had the ability to share my knowledge in Greek culture and language with my campers, which I found incredibly rewarding. I extended my mythology passion to bedtime stories for the campers. Finally, I also appreciate the sense of community “Our Greek Village” fosters and every year I look forward …
Kelly Lymberopoulos